FIM Rally 2022 - FIM Team GB 2021

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FIM Rally 2022 Ferropolis, Germany 27th - 29th July 2022
Closing Date for Entries 25th April 2022

The 2022 FIM Rally will be held at Ferropolis, an open air industrial museum close to Dessau, South West of Berlin. Details of the rally are rather late in coming out this year as the nation originally scheduled to run the event withdrew their offer due concern regarding the Covid pandemic. The German DMSB have stepped in to organise the rally and have been working hard to catch up with the necessary preparations. The Ferropolis site, sited on a peninsular in a large lake created in the past by open cast mining, displays some of the giant machines that were used in the open cast mine and is also a venue for pop concerts & festivals. The Rally runs from Wednesday 27th July to Friday 29th July, with departure day for most people on Saturday 30th, however the site Welcome Centre & camping opens on Monday 25th July and camping is available for the nights of 30th & 31st July. Hotel accommodation is being offered at the nearby town of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg which will be linked to the rally site by a shuttle bus service. Parking for motorcycles will be in the central arena at Ferropolis which will be secure overnight if hotel residents wish to leave their bikes there & make use of the shuttle bus. As the prices for the event are all quoted in €, the BMF, who will be handling the payment to the organisers in euros have quoted £ prices which are detailed below as are km. distances for some clubs.

The official entry forms are available here, if you’re not used to FIM forms they may look intimidating to start with, but completion is quite straight forward. To start with, unless you are taking more than one passenger don’t bother to print page 3, it’s only for those taking 2 or more passengers. Two copies of the forms need to be completed, one you send in to the address below, the second set of forms you retain and take with you to the rally. At the top of the forms, in the 1st box I’ve inserted “BMF”, leave the 2nd box Serial Number, blank. The rest of the form, completing your personal details & those of your passenger if you have one should be straight forward, your email & postal address are both important in case we need to contact you regarding your entry, whilst a person to contact at home could be important if you have an accident or suffer illness whilst at the rally. Your bike details are also important as they will be used on your ID tag at the rally to ensure it only leaves the site with the right rider. The number of km. travelled is taken as being from your club HQ to the rally site, if your club does not have a specific HQ the address of the club secretary can be used instead.

In the accommodation section of the form please indicate the dates on which you will arrive & leave the rally (important for arranging catering & other facilities) and tick camping, hotel or if you have made alternative arrangements tick other. In the Accommodation section again please indicate if you have need any form of special diet such as vegetarian. On the Accommodation Form please insert your name and the dates you will arrive & depart, then indicate the accommodation you wish to book. Your entry fee covers meals for the 3 official days of the rally, 27th – 29th July, if you are arriving early you (& your passenger) will have to pay for the additional nights’ accommodation. Finally sign & date the forms & if you are a member of or are club affiliated to the ACU or BMF tick Yes, otherwise tick No.

With regard to payment, BACS bank transfer is the preferred method, please send your completed forms to the address below, once I have received & checked your forms I will contact you on the email address you show on your entry form giving a payment reference and details of the account to which payment should be made. If you are unable to pay via BACS. prepare a cheque made out to “The British Motorcyclists Federation Enterprises Ltd”, please be precise, banks are getting very picky about payee details (it may help to enclose a slip to show how your payment is made up) & retain one set of forms, you’ll need them when you arrive at the rally.

As all the prices for Motocamp are quoted in Euros, the BMF will take entry fees etc. in £ sterling, and at the closing date arrange a transfer of the fees for all the British team in Euros to the organisers. I have listed below the £ prices in the table below.
FIM Rally £ Prices

Completed forms should be sent to:
FIM Rally
South Tawton
EX20 2LW
To arrive by 25th April 2022.:
If you have any queries I can be contacted at or on 01837840398 between 10.00 a.m. & 8.00 p.m.,
Keith Freak
UK FIM Touring Sreward

APPENDIX 1                                                              FIM RALLY 2022
Distances in kilometres to Ferropolis, to be entered in the entry form by riders entering as a team member of any of the clubs listed below can be taken as shown:

These distances are calculated from the Club HQ or secretary's addresses, which we have. We hope that you find they are correct. Entrants in club teams not listed can contact Keith Freak to confirm distance to be claimed.

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